February 2021

February has been a record month for CHOICES to offer hope and help for those who walk in our doors. It was also a record month for them to experience the power of the cross. Changed hearts and babies saved never go unseen by our Father and His perfect plans. The power of YOUR support is saving lives!

“Marina” was not happy when she found out she was pregnant. At 38 years old, with a 14-year-old daughter and having had a previous abortion, she believed abortion was her best choice. Although she had the support of her family and was in a committed relationship, she felt unprepared to have another child. While looking for an abortion, Marina found CHOICES.

Marina immediately connected with our staff as she began to think deeply about her options and what each one might look like for her. She was also open to hearing about hope and faith in Jesus and allowed us to pray with her. During the ultrasound, she saw her 13-week-old baby. As the baby was waving a perfectly formed hand, Marina began to smile, then laugh, then cry. She even asked for several pictures to take with her.

After the ultrasound and prayer, she said, “I can’t possibly have an abortion now that I have seen my baby. I am going to either parent or chose adoption.” She couldn’t imagine what would have happened had she not come to CHOICES…and neither can we. Her appointment ended with lots of hugs and thanks!

Please continue to pray for Marina as we walk alongside her while she works through her decision. Thank you for investing in her life as we, together, trust His good work, divine intervention, and perfect plan.

Thank you for being in the details of Marina’s life and the other 123 first-time patients who walked through our doors this month, with 87 of them considering abortion. YOU provide hope. You provide help. Together we are advancing His Kingdom in saving and transforming lives!

Until there are 0…



Continued Prayers for Building Completion in the Next Two Months


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