February, 2022

Thank YOU for investing in Kingdom purposes, for speaking life over an unborn baby, and mom and dad, and for speaking the truth that abortion is not their only choice. I often think about the power of the words spoken to patients at an abortion clinic and how different those words are when a patient walks into Choices Women’s Clinic. We know that each patient is a divine appointment, an opportunity to speak life, and each gift you make is significant to the outcomes that will last into eternity.

“Ashley” and “Robert” arrived at CHOICES, feeling indecisive about abortion and the idea of ending the life of their baby. Ashley felt unprepared, with no insurance, no family or friends in Orlando, and in turmoil from an abortion she had four years ago. Robert was concerned about providing for a child, as he had grown up impoverished, but he was torn because he loved Ashley and wanted a future with her.

Robert and Ashley agreed that they were not ready to become parents. They had not shared their pregnancy news with anyone and quietly made an appointment for an abortion. They also called CHOICES, and were able to be seen right away. When they came to CHOICES, Robert asked several questions. When our nurse honestly informed them about abortion procedures and risks, they both began to cry and held tightly to each other. They allowed us to pray for them and left here undecided, making an appointment to return for another ultrasound in a week. Since their return visit would be after their abortion appointment, Robert said he would reschedule their abortion appointment “just in case.”

When they returned the next week, Ashley’s demeanor had changed. She asked for ultrasound pictures and took a video of the heartbeat on her phone, inadvertently recording their words of fear and trepidation. As she replayed the video clip over and over, Robert interrupted, saying what so many women long to hear, “I think we can make this work.” Her eyes lit up, and Ashley asked if she could re-do the video! This time her words were different, “Hi, Baby! I love you so much. I can’t wait to meet you!” And Robert said, “I love you, baby.”

Tears and hugs followed! Robert and Ashley left here grateful for the care YOU provided them through your gift of LIFE. They left here with words of LIFE, referrals to get plugged into a church, and resources they will need to navigate their brave decision. Only the Lord can change hearts, but He uses you to change the words spoken over these lives. Thank you for investing in outcomes, and thank you for speaking life. You make an eternal difference!

Until there are 0…

Walk For LIFE • May 7th • Blue Jacket Park

On your phone Text START to 855-754-7734

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