March, 2022

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Dear «Informal_Name»,

YOUR gift is cherished, and I am so thankful for your partnership to invest in the cause of LIFE. Every single gift is a treasure because every single life is worth it! Our Father in heaven blesses our giving, and He is in every detail of every circumstance of every person’s life that walks through our doors.

“Simone” recently called desperately seeking an abortion, most likely not realizing she was calling CHOICES, where she had come in December for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. Our hearts instantly broke for her. She listed all the reasons she needed an abortion; alone with no support, job difficulties, transportation issues, broken relationships, and without hope were just a few. Then, appointments were made and canceled for several weeks as she neared 20 weeks of pregnancy.

When Simone finally arrived at CHOICES once again, slightly disheveled, she was unquestionably sad. Her ultrasound revealed a 22-week beautiful pre-born baby. After consultation with several staff members, the smile began to return. Simone noted how thankful she was to be surrounded by strong women, women like her who, at some point in time, had experienced crushing heartache, losses, fears, and even unplanned pregnancies.

As she waited for her Uber, she said, “I had many dark thoughts running through my mind because I’m in a really hard situation. At one point, I had considered ending my life. I considered an abortion, but now I’m too far along. Being out of work with no resources or family is really hard. I walked in here today empty. Today you talked with me, took time to listen to me, and didn’t rush me or judge my situation. You heard me and really cared about ME. I walked in with nothing, and now, I feel renewed because you spoke life into me. Where do the women here come from? I’ve never experienced something like this. I didn’t know a place like this existed.”

CHOICES was a beacon of light that she could hold tight to when the waves of life threatened to pull her under, a place of rest where the love of Christ washed over her. When I think of ALL the places she could have called or gone to, the thoughts, the depression, the hopelessness, I know our God was directing her every step.

We have had the opportunity to come alongside her, cover her with prayer, and allow Him to breathe life through our words, actions, and deeds. THANK YOU for your gifts that enable God to do His sacred work in every searching soul He brings to CHOICES.

Until there are 0…

Walk For LIFE • May 7th • Blue Jacket Park

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