January, 2022

I can’t think of a better way to start the new year than with a new life and a reminder of why we get up and show up every day. YOUR gift is what enables us to show up every day, so together, we “GET” to be a part of His divine appointments

“Valerie” found herself, at 40 years old, in a place she never imagined she would be: single, alone, considering abortion, and at Planned Parenthood UCF. She left when she found out the abortion procedure would be more medically complicated than she anticipated.

She found solace at a park nearby. As she sat on the hard metal bench, she felt the Lord’s peace wash over her as a “still small voice” prompted her to call her church. This brave woman followed the direction of the Holy Spirit and did just that. The person who received her call immediately put her in touch with CHOICES.

Shortly after, Valerie arrived at CHOICES UCF, unsure of her future, but the Lord continued to speak. By no coincidence, the volunteer advocate happened to be from the same church that day. The ultrasound revealed an 11-week-old baby, which was celebrated through tears. Valerie eagerly chose life. Both for herself and her baby.

Valerie attended our Parenting Development classes and shared that she would like to be baptized with one of our staff members. In December, with a large cheering section from her church and CHOICES, Valerie was baptized among her newfound friends who have rallied around her with a baby shower, a mom’s group, and lots of support.

With this support, Valerie just gave birth to “Brooke” through more cheers and more tears. Friends, we “GET” to do this. We “GET” to do this together.

How amazing that the Lord reaches down from on high to use you and me to bring hope and help and to push back the darkness. Together, He used us to speak life and be “the church” to this new mom and her precious baby. Your investment…priceless!

Until there are 0…

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