February, 2023

The desperate call often comes at night, on weekends or holidays, from the woman who has bought into the lie that she can pop a few pills for a safe and easy at-home abortion. We have had five such calls since starting abortion pill reversal services in October. Thank you for your YES to champion life, enabling our medical team to step in and save a life at this critical moment.

“Jess” got her abortion pills online. No doctor. No confirmation of the viability of her pregnancy. No supervision. The negligible instructions said, “go to your local emergency room if there is too much bleeding.” Jess took the first pill and got scared. She reached out, and our volunteer OB/GYN took the call at 11:15 on a Saturday night. After medically assessing the situation, she called the reversal pills into the pharmacy and scheduled an ultrasound at CHOICES on Monday.

Jess had not yet shared with her boyfriend that she was going to have a baby. With her goal of enrolling in medical school, she felt it was not a good time to have a baby and ordered the pills by mail (now approved by USPS to be mailed to anyone’s home). After taking the first pill, Jess contacted a friend who said she would take her to the ER if she had any complications. It was what her friend said next that stopped Jess in her tracks. She said, “you know you can’t get out of this now.” Immediately, Jess remembered she had seen a number to call to reverse the process and she picked up her phone to make the call that would change everything.

When Jess came in for her ultrasound, she wept when she saw her 13-week baby on the screen. She was relieved to see her baby’s heart still beating and recorded the baby “dancing” on the screen. Since then, Jess has come in weekly for ultrasounds to confirm a healthy heartbeat. She shared the news with her boyfriend, who is thrilled to become a dad and, like Jess, so thankful for YOU and Choices Women’s Clinic. Please pray for Jess, her boyfriend, and this miracle baby!

Not all CHOICES patients undergoing the reversal have carried their baby to term. Some have miscarried a few weeks after the initial reversal. The devastation and shame is intense for that mom and all of us—certainly a reminder of the fragile and tragic result of abortion. We are grateful to be a part of their story and trust that the Lord will use the kindness, respect, dignity, and professional services YOU give these women.

What an opportunity we have to be with women and men when fear sets in, when an abortion decision no longer makes sense, and when they are alone and scared. YOU stand in the gap at this crucial moment for her, and together we embrace every inroad, every call, and every patient who walks through our doors. Together, we continue to walk by faith for miracle babies!

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