June 2018 Newsletter

A picture says 1,000 words!YOUR support helps us save lives through a medical professional who is trained to give a mom and dad beautiful, astounding pictures of their baby! With a tool in their hands, they cannot deny life and the power of prayer to change a person’s heart and mind about their intentions.
“Lucy” was intending to abort when she called here. She actually had been to a “Choices” clinic in NY to have an abortion two years ago and believed we could help her. At 25 years old she had 2 young children and felt she could not handle another child. During the scan of her 8-week-old baby, she began to cry and was visibly upset. Lucy commented about the baby’s heartbeat and how shocked she was at the development. She shared about her 13-week abortion in NY and that they had told her the baby was the size of a pea.
Lucy has made a decision to choose life and is thankful for CHOICES. She shared that if she had known how developed the baby was two years ago she would have kept it. She said she had also been to a pregnancy center in NY who told her she would not go to heaven if she had an abortion. We were able to share with her the love, grace, and forgiveness of a Father who loves her and would forgive her.

We are continuing to follow up with Lucy and hopefully provide a safe place for her to heal and learn to make healthy decisions through our abortion recovery group and our life coaching program. Our goal then is to be the bridge to the church to love and disciple her.

Sometimes, thank you is all we can say. We want to come up with flowery phrases or “Hallmark Card” prose to say something spectacular when sometimes simple is best. Thank you then for believing in this work enough to give and support us. Thank you for loving the moms and dads we see during the most challenging time of their lives. Thank you for giving so that babies are born who will now take their first steps instead of never taking their first breaths.

Until there are 0…

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