May Ministry Story

Dear Friends of Choices,

The phone rang and the voice at the other end asked how much our abortions were. Although these calls are never easy, this is not an uncommon occurrence for our clinic because every day we receive numerous calls. With your generous support we are able to offer services appealing to woman like this at risk for abortion seeking medical assistance that will come in for a pregnancy test and ultra sound required by the state of Florida before an abortion.

may-ministry-innerLater that day “Susan” came in with her best friend who also wanted her to have an abortion. There are always reasons given as were in this case. We listen and validate her concerns as well as share truth and hope. “Susan” was very open to hear about a Savior that could change her life and about abortion procedures and fetal development she admitted knowing little about.

What a wonderful surprise during the ultrasound when she saw her 2 unborn babies right before her eyes. This mom-to-be considering abortion met Jesus and her twins on ultrasound and chose sweet LIFE for her soul and her babies. Three lives changed forever…it just doesn’t get any better!

YOU are making a difference in our city! Thank you for linking arms with us and for your gift which will impact over 1,500 women and families this year.

On another note, we are praying through a very viable property. The location of this property is 1 mile from Planned Parenthood and 2 miles from Orlando Women’s Center where late term abortions are being done. KEEP PRAYING for our new home and we will be in touch!

LIFE Matters,

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