October, 2021

Four in ten women will become pregnant during their college years. What a frightening time to find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy. These young women have dreams in front of them and parents who are generally cheering them on. YOU have helped us provide an opportunity for students near UCF to find a way when there seems to be no way by opening a second clinic 1 mile from campus. YOU are providing truth, hope, and a future for women like “Jen.”

Jen came to CHOICES seeking options consultation, assuming she could get an abortion here. A nineteen-year-old student with big plans, she had taken three positive home tests. In her shock and fear, she wanted to terminate the life inside her as quickly and quietly as possible.

Jen shared that she was not in a relationship with the baby’s father, but she had told him she was pregnant. He responded that he wanted a DNA test for proof and didn’t care what she did because he was not ready for a baby, which made her feel even more ashamed. Through tears, she shared that her family had shunned her, and her mom told her she couldn’t come home. Like the majority of women we see, she felt abortion was her only option.

Jen was not raised in the church but had recently become a Christian and attended church and loved her church family. She said she needed forgiveness of her sins and wanted to be baptized. She said she wanted to read more in the Bible and pursue her relationship with Christ before baptism. We gave her a Bible, talked, prayed, and encouraged her to invite Jesus into this situation and continue drawing near to Him.

That day, Jen was too early to scan, but she returned a few days later for an ultrasound that revealed a healthy pregnancy. She began to cry as she saw the heartbeat and wanted a copy of the pictures. She said the words we love to hear, “I have decided to keep my baby”!

A few weeks later, she returned for another ultrasound with the baby’s father, where we had an opportunity to speak into his life.

Your support is reaching students, the largest national demographic of abortion seekers aged 19 to 24. You made a way when there seems to be no way. And because of you, hope lives here! Thank you for your generous support and changing lives every day for babies, moms, dads, and their families.

Until there are 0…


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