October Ministry Story

Dear Friends of Choices,

Sarah was sent directly from the abortion clinic. She had just found out she was pregnant and she was determined to have an abortion. She was so anxious when she came and couldn’t seem to catch her breath. She had two previous abortions and had no children. The thought of being pregnant terrified her even after therapy. To further complicate the situation, she had erratic periods and no symptoms.

The ultrasound revealed a 30 week pregnancy with a due date not far in the future. Although Sarah had wanted an abortion she was shocked at how far along she was. She also fell in love with her baby that day. We had an opportunity to share how to establish a relationship with JESUS. She had gone to church on occasion but said she didn’t need Him or understand how He could help her. We encouraged her to seek a relationship with HIM she would then get to know HIM in a whole different way. We asked if we could pray with her and a beautiful time of prayer followed.

Sarah-OwenRecently Sarah came by to show off her beautiful baby boy, Owen born in August. She is so thankful for the help we were to her. Sarah said, “I couldn’t have done this without you! My life is completely changed and I love being a mom. I can never thank you enough.”

Because of your sacrificial gifts we are able to be here for women like Sarah who find themselves in surprising and difficult situations. Thank YOU for linking arms with us for LIFE!

You may have noticed our beautiful new brand! We have now officially retired True Life Choice to one unifying name that works for us: CHOICES WOMEN’S CLINIC. Every day we receive calls from women who are searching for a “clinic” to have an abortion. We believe this name serves us well and will help our partners identify us as well.

Thank you for your generous gift! YOUR partnership is so important to us. Truly, we couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do this without you!

LIFE Matters,

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