September 2021

As any parent or grandparent knows, we have a front-row view of the gift of life. And most often, being a parent or grandparent is the farthest thing from the minds of those seeking to abort. None of us expect to hear the words, “Mom and Dad, I’m pregnant,” from our 18-year-old child living at home. But YOU are changing the outcome through your partnership, and YOU are affecting generations to come, just like “Valerie.”

Valerie found the courage to tell her mom those dreaded words, “Mom, I’m pregnant.” After the initial shock and a conversation with the 19-year-old boyfriend, the mom called CHOICES while searching for a reputable abortion clinic with good Google reviews. When the three of them showed up at CHOICES UCF, the mom was less than happy to learn that we do not perform or refer for abortions.

Believing that her daughter would have an abortion that day at CHOICES, the mom found herself in a part of this divine appointment. When they learned that she would meet with medical staff and have an ultrasound to prove viability, they decided to stay for the appointment.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the ultrasound revealed a 12-week baby, not the 6-week developing fetus they thought they would see. They were stunned at the sight of a fully formed baby in the womb. At this, the mom quietly walked out of the room and back to our lobby. While everyone sat in silence, mom sighed, cried, vented, and paced as everyone respected her space and privacy.

A few minutes later, she went back into the ultrasound room and made this declaration, “that is my grandbaby, and we will not be having an abortion.” In an instant, the tears and anguish turned into smiles and joy. They left that day with a roll of pictures, celebrating, hugging, and thanking the staff.

You change the trajectory of the story, and you bring hope to the hopeless. You change generations to come as moms and dads become parents and grandparents. Together, we are changing our community! Thank you for investing in generations to come as babies are given life and moms and dads given the respect and dignity to make these life-changing decisions!

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