March 2024

I have always loved that Choices Women’s Clinic serves in a mission field created by abortion. Have you ever considered how far and wide your outreach and impact extends at CHOICES? With 123 million tourists last year alone and so many moving here daily from other states and countries, you truly impact the world. “Omer” […]

February 2024

Have you heard the news recently that abortion pills (aka at-home-abortions) is now 63% and the overall number of abortions last year in the US increased? That’s why your investment at CHOICES matters and why we have been able to provide telehealth services to reach those looking for pills. Your gift matters in small ways […]

January 2024

Do you ever wonder how a woman or man seeking abortion finds us? It’s a question we often can’t answer, but there is no denying God’s hand in every anointed appointment at CHOICES. We count it a privilege that He chooses to use US to sow into these divine encounters, and He uses YOUR investment […]

December 2023

While many have continued to search for answers in 2023, you GAVE the gift of hope. You helped us meet our Matching Challenge of $100,000 with $255,000 to save lives. You extended grace wrapped in love to moms, dads, and families who now can’t imagine life without their babies and their FIRST…Christmas, New Year, and […]

November 2023

Holidays can be hard! It’s a season that so easily reminds us where there’s simply not enough. Daylight. Time. Capital. Patience. It’s different for each of us and in the middle of the margin, God writes a beautiful story from the life that YOU fashioned. One doesn’t expect to be pregnant at age 36 with […]

October 2023

I am so thankful God continues to write my story. How about you? You help change narratives and outcomes at CHOICES. And there is no price tag because that, my friend, is priceless. 19-year-old “Paige,” an ambitious college student working two jobs, was looking for an abortion when her friend referred her to CHOICES. She […]

September 2023

Today, I am reminded that the Lord gives all He has for the ONE. For the ONE to come to know Him, encounter Him, and experience His love. And so do YOU. You give all for the ONE. Your partnership with Choices Women’s Clinic demonstrates that every single day. Let me give you a glimpse […]

August 2023

We are so thankful for your investment in CHOICES and the UCF Clinic to reach students where they need it most. You provide a safe place for students facing the unexpected to find truth, hope, and judgment free care. We have all made statements like this, ” some things in life are just not what […]

July 2023

We have all experienced moments when we desperately want God to speak and give us a sign, only to be met with radio silence. Maybe you’re there now, praying, watching for the next step, and waiting for a response that never seems to come. As believers, we know we don’t need a burning bush because […]

June, 2023

It’s so easy to think that the “good life” is what happens when life goes according to plan. And when our smoothly paved road hits a speed bump, we think our “good life” that we knew before the unexpected is in the rearview mirror. These speedbumps are the place where YOUR partnership offers help and […]